The Cutlet of a Diamond

What is the cutlet part of the diamond? Simply put, it is the point at the bottom of the diamond.

Diamond cutlets typically were hidden inside the diamond setting, but due to the increase in popularity of open-sided settings, the cutlet is often seen in a jewelry piece.

Although it is often incorrectly referred to as the diamond “cutlet,” culet (pronounced kew-let) is the proper term. Typically a cutlet starts off flat while the other facets are being polished. This helps to prevent it from chipping.

Typically this extra facet is “closed” into a point. Originally diamonds were not closed, instead, they were left as with an extra facet on the bottom. However, there became a large demand for closed facet diamonds and this is now the standard. In fact, there are some people who believe that if you do not close a cutlet, then an evil spirit can enter into the diamond.

Having a small cutlet is preferable. The cutlet is parallel to the diamond’s table, which is the large flat surface on the top of the diamond.

Large culets on a diamond are often very visible and you will be able to see it and whatever is beneath it through the table. A large cutlet often appears to be a large inclusion.

This can really lessen the appearance of an otherwise beautiful diamond. Cutlets are rated according to size and you should be able to obtain this information when you purchase your diamond.