Creating a Diamond in 4 Days

A recent renewal of interest in conflict diamonds has come about due to the latest Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster “Blood Diamond.” Although almost all diamonds today are conflict-free, many consumers do not know the steps that the diamond industry has taken to ensure that this is true.

This is good news for makers of synthetic diamonds, who have used the increase in conflict-diamond awareness to promote their special brand of diamonds.

One such company is Gemesis. The Florida-based company can produce diamonds which are virtually identical to natural made diamonds, except they can do in about four days. These diamonds are really no different than the ones found in diamond mines around the world, except for the price. These synthetically created diamonds sell for about 75% less than naturally occurring diamonds.

The synthetic diamonds are created from a piece of a naturally made diamond, to which carbon and nitrogen are then added. High temperature and heat are added, which causes the diamond to grow. The Gemological Institute of America agrees with Gemesis’ assessment that these diamonds are the same physically, chemically and in appearance.

They state that in order to tell the difference between a Gemesis diamond and a naturally made diamond, you would need to be an expertly trained gemologist and would need to use powerful microscopes.

These synthetic diamonds can be cut and mounted in jewelry pieces just like their grown-in-ground relatives. They only come in two colors, orange and yellow, due to the addition of nitrogen. At this point, there is no way to take the nitrogen out and maintain a stable process.

These diamonds make an excellent choice for someone who wants a stunning diamond but is looking to save some money. You will notice no decrease in quality, but a significant decrease in price.