clarity enhanced diamond is a natural diamond, mined from the earth, that has simply been upgraded in clarity.  A great example of a diamond suitable for enhancement would be a diamond that possesses:

  • Color grades from D - J
  • An excellent to very good cut
  • A size of 1 carat or larger

When it comes to diamonds, every woman appreciates a larger stone.   However, when shopping for diamonds, one can find higher clarity graded gems.  Costs can start to add up very quickly for those appearing flawless.  This is where clarity enhanced diamonds shine, especially if you have a set budget, and still want that larger, sparkling beauty on your finger.  All at a much lower price than their natural brethren.
Why Buy Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

The clarity enhancement process takes a gem with a lower clarity grade and creates a stunning, more beautiful diamond with a much higher clarity grade. Only your gemologist will know the difference—not your hairdresser.

So, how is it possible to elevate the clarity grade of a natural diamond?  

There are two proven methods used to upgrade and beautify the diamond.  Both processes leave the diamond more brilliant and clean when viewed by the unaided eye.

Microscopic feather filling:  This application simply seals the feather with a diamond-like, substance.  It will not increase the carat weight of the diamond.  The process is resilient up to 1,480F.

Laser drilling:  This removes visible black inclusions in a diamond.  An infrared laser can selectively target and remove the inclusions on a microscopic scale.  This does not affect the sparkle or brilliance of the diamond.  Conversely, the laser factor restores the diamond to its fullest, cleanest, most beautiful possible form.

These techniques simply remove or make the original inclusions invisible to the naked eye.  A clarity enhanced diamond will wear like any other natural diamond.

Is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond for Me?

If you wish to have a larger diamond, with equal specifications and the magnificence of an Investment Quality Diamond, at a much lower cost, then yes, a clarity enhanced diamond is for you!  We market other types of natural diamonds.  Our findings confirm, consumers who purchase clarity enhanced diamonds often agree, they received:
“A gorgeous, much larger diamond that suited my budgetary requirements!”
“Better color, clarity, sparkle than I anticipated.”
“An affordable price and quality I couldn’t have imagined!”
Knowledge: One client wrote: “It seemed the more I knew the less I paid”

Where can I see a clarity enhanced diamond?

The Hadar Diamonds Preview Service allows you to view a clarity enhanced diamond in the comfort of your own home, without paying. No obligation.  To learn more contact us!

Buying fine jewelry, gold and diamond ornaments, and other such items can actually be a surprisingly involved process. Of course, these aren’t items that you often need to buy, but many people – when they do come across occasions on which they need to buy such things – end up stressing out about all of the different ways to purchase and invest in such items. Indeed, there are plenty of different resources for buying items of wealth – you can purchase diamonds from any popular jewelry store online or in your local mall, you can invest in gold at BullionVault, and you can even buy more unique jewelry and ornaments at local or independent stores. However, before you start worrying about where to buy your item, figure out what specific item you are actually interested in.

The most common time to need to buy expensive jewelry and ornaments is in the days and weeks preceding a wedding, as this is one of the few occasions that all but requires the presence of diamonds! Specifically, if you are a soon-to-be groom, you certainly need to give a great deal of advanced thought to the engagement ring that your bride will be wearing on her wedding day. Additionally, if you are involved in planning a wedding, and you have the budget to manage it, you may also want to consider outfitting the bridal party in matching diamonds, almost as a sort of decoration. Here are a few things to keep in mind for both considerations.

As a soon-to-be groom, you have probably envisioned the engagement ring you imagine your fiancé wearing – and you have probably come up with something relatively simple. Most people who have never actually purchased such a ring simply imagine a regular band supporting a beautiful diamond. However, particularly these days, there are actually a lot more details that can go into engagement rings. Lately, it is not unusual to pick a more unique style, like a twisted band or a halo setting for your diamond – so, while it is ultimately up to you and your preferred style to select a ring, keep in mind that there may be more options than you imagine.

As for outfitting a wedding with diamond jewelry, this can obviously be a fairly expensive endeavor. However, whether you end up buying gold necklaces, diamond earrings, or any number of other accessories, it can be a subtle but effective touch at a wedding to outfit the bridal party in matching jewelry. Of course, you don’t want to take attention away from the beautiful bride, but uniformity of design is important at weddings, so some manner of matching jewelry may be important. Add it to the list of things to consider when planning your event!

graff-waterfall-diamonds.jpgLuxury jewelers at the House of Graff, recently unveiled two of their latest collections, the Waterfall and Petal collections. Both collections feature a number of chandelier earrings and pendant necklaces.

The Waterfall collection pays tribute to one of nature’s most beautiful sights, a waterfall. With chandelier earrings dripping a cascade of gorgeous pear-shaped diamonds from an eight-petal flower in bloom at the base, this collection is definitely for the woman who wants all eyes on her. A matching pendant necklace is also a part of the Waterfall collection, and also features a large eight-petal flower with a “waterfall” of smaller diamonds dripping from it.

The Petal collection combines brilliant white diamonds with beautiful pink saphhires in both a necklace and set of earrings. The necklace is a pendant chain featuring four-petal flowers that come together to form a quaint quartet. Each of the petals in the flowers are made up of heart-shaped diamonds clustered around a beautiful pink sapphire. From the “bouquet” of flowers, a stream of white diamonds and pink sapphires dangle below. An equally beautiful and similarly styled set of earrings compliments the Petal collection’s pendant necklace very nicely. The Petal collection pieces are also available in a diamond and emerald arrangement, sure to make on-lookers green with envy.

Like always, if you have to ask the price… this is not for you. But if the price doesn’t scare you, you can check out Waterfall and Petal collections at the House of Graff showrooms located in select locations throughout the world.

diamondweddingdress.jpgJeweler Martin Katz and dressmaker Renee Strauss teamed up to create the most expensive wedding dress on record, featuring a stunning 150 carats worth of diamonds laced throughout the dress. The veil that is shown in the picture worn with the dress does sparkle, but it does not feature diamonds. Instead, the veil has some pretty rhinestones. But we figure, if you’re doing to drop $12 million on a dress, why not just have someone custom create a matching, diamond-laced veil? And while you’re at it, get some fancy diamond-studded shoes to add to the bling factor!

The dress hasn’t yet been sold, so if you’ve got your eye on it (as well as the $12 mil), Strauss and Katz would be more than willing to discuss a sale. Unlike other wedding dresses, this one will still have a high resale value after the wedding.

To see just how magnificent this dress is, check out the up-close photo after the break!



While Fendi and Hermes might produce some of the most expensive purses at over $20,000 each for certain models, neither of them comes close to this one. Spectators at a recent Tokyo fashion show were dazzled beyond believe when they laid their eyes on this beautiful platinum and diamond evening purse by Japenese jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka.

This pricey handbag is beyond ornate, featuring 2,182 diamonds, totaling 208 carats on a pure platinum body casing. Retailing at $1.63 million (USD), this is by far the world’s most expensive and fanciest purse.


Love poker and diamonds? Then have we got the perfect necklace for you- the Majesty Cross Pendant necklace featuring a four-suit pendant of 18k white gold, studded with 2.85 carats of diamonds, all on an 18-inch matching chain.

Next time you hit the Vegas tables, show the world that you’ve got Lady Luck on your side, and a bit of class, by wearing the ultimate in poker-themed jewelry. Priced at $5,000, this isn’t a cheap piece - in looks or style.

To get a better idea of just how nice this necklace is, check out the up close image below. Just look at those diamonds sparkle!



Just a couple days ago on 07/07/07, Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria married Tony Parker, the championship NBA basketball player from the San Antonio Spurs. With two high-profile stars getting hitched at a star-studded wedding event, you just knew that they were not going to skimp on their wedding bands. The two stars sealed their love and marriage with these two beautiful and unique Piaget wedding bands.

The rings are each made of two bands that are “inseperably linked, turning together for eternity.” Now isn’t that quite the romantic touch? Eva’s ring features double rows of brilliant cut diamonds, which are divided by a row of 27 square cut diamonds down the center. That makes for a total of 107 individual diamonds on this super sparkler! Eva’s band itself is made of 18k white gold, like Tony’s, which is a much simpler ring. Both of the rings also have a personalized French engraving on the inside, which was added at the couple’s request.



Sure, you could easily spend a few hundred dollars on a nice pair of designer sneakers, but if you really want to make your shoes sparkle and stand out from the crowd, you want diamonds on them! The Kickbar, a jewel encrusted shoelace clip, adds that extra bit of class and shine to your favorite lace-ups.

The Kickbar features 108 G/VS1 diamonds pave set into a rectangular, white gold bar. All in all, the diamonds add up to a total weight of 2 carats per pair. If you prefer a little more color, The Kickbar is also available with pink sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and an assortment of colored diamonds. These alternate stoned Kickbars all retail at their “current market value.”

There’s also a “junior” version of the Kickbars for those who can’t afford to splurge on the $7500 models, but who still love their diamonds. The junior Kickbars contain fewer diamonds. There are about 76 stones that added up to a total weight of 1.5 carats.

The Kickbars are secured to your shoe by threading them through the laces. Because of this set-up, they can also double as a necklace or bracelet if threaded into a nice chain.
At $7500 per pair, Kickbars aren’t for everyone, and we fully expect these to be popping up on the shoes of hip-hop stars in the near future!

vertu-pink-diamond.jpgForget the iPhone; anyone with an extra $500 to $600 laying around can get that at their local Apple or AT&T store. You want something a little more glam, and a lot more sparkly! And by sparkly we don’t mean those cheap Swarovski crystal-studded phones that were all the rage a few years ago.

If you want a truly blinged-out mobile phone, then look no further than Vertu and their limited edition Vertu Pink Diamond phone. The phone casing itself is made of rose gold, but what really makes the phone shine are its tiny pink and white diamonds paved in a pretty flower pattern. The Vertu Pink Diamond phone will be available in extremely limited quantities, but because of the opportunities those extra zeros in your bank account afford you, you won’t have to wait in line.

Celebs like Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna have one in their bag… do you?

montblancstarlady.jpgWhile most of us these days use our cell phones to tell the time, a truly sophisticated woman still knows the value of a timeless, elegant watch. And what better a watch to have than one that is not only a fine piece of craftsmanship, but one that also is beautifully accentuated with diamonds? This is where the latest watch from Montblanc comes in - the Star Lady Automatic Moonphase Diamonds Watch.

This elegant timepiece houses an ETA 4810/908 automatic movement in a 36mm, 18k white gold case. Other features of the watch include a mother of pearl dial, moonphase display, pointer date display, feuille hands, applied Breguet numerals, and 8 beautiful diamond hour markers. Securing these precious features is flat sapphire crystal with a special anti-glare coating, a sapphire back, and a fluted crown.

Priced at $10,175 USD, this is surely an investment you’ll want protected. Montblanc has gone ahead and made the the Star Lady resistant to water up to 30m, which will surely relieve any worries of splashes at the sink, or even an accidental drop in the toilet, bath, or any other body of water.

This beautiful time piece can be yours for the aforementioned price, and is available with a white or blue alligator wrist strap featuring an 18k white gold tang buckle.

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